Meow VIP Membership will be closed soon. Everyone can access meownovel with FREE account. Registered VIP Member will still have their privilege.

Hello MeowNovel Readers,

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From now on, every MeowNovel reader is required to register on this site and become a member of MeowNovel to have more access and get more features. And for that, we have developed Membership to all user.

What is Membership on MeowNovel?

Membership is a new program that we launched on July 2022. Membership allows readers to be registered on MeowNovel. Registered reader (Users or Members) will have more access and get more special features from MeowNovel.

Guest users or non-members will have limited access to MeowNovel, up to 30 novel chapters that a guest can read every hour. They also cannot bookmark, rate and comment on novels on MeowNovel.

Is This Really Safe?

Yes, we guarantee the security and confidentiality of our client data. Our website is secured with best SSL, your data is encrypted, and payment will be secured with PayPal. We will never sell our client data to the third-party.

How Can I become a Member?

It is really easy, you only need to go to this page or select Membership Level on main menu and select your level account.

Need a Help?

If you have trouble with MeowNovel Membership and need a help, you can send an email to Our team will try to help as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support.

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